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Spring and Summer 2007
                                       Ancient art for a contemporary world
This past spring, Tanjore Performing Arts officially changed over to become AUSTIN DANCE INDIA. This new name reflects our mission of serving local communities with a global vision.
January 13 2007   8 pm
Sacred Journey
Art Bldg Auditorium
UT Campus
Anuradha Naimpally recreates Sacred Journey along with musicians Tucker Livingston, Oliver Rajamani, and Nagavalli. This is a fundraiser for Pratham, a non-profit organization that focuses on education in India.
March 10  2007
Lake Charles, LA
India Nite 2007 Celebrations
Lake Charles Civic Center
Anuradha Naimpally performs solo contemporary pieces at this annual event that includes dinner and an entire evening of variety entertainment.
March 30 and 31 2007   7 pm
Multicultural Arts Partnership Festival
First Presbyterian Church, Mesa Dr  (Mar 30)
St. Michael's Church, Loop 360 (Mar 31)
This first time event features many Asian performers. Anuradha, along with students Swetha Kotamraju and Purna Bajekal will perform traditional Bharata Natyam dance.
March 30 and 31  2007  8 pm
Global Harmony Concert 
Atash in concert with special guest dancers
Helm Fine Arts Theater
Atash, world music ensemble, presents an ecclectic repertoire of songs featuring guest musicians from India and guest dancers from several styles including Flamenco, Modern, Ballet, Bellydance, and Bharata Natyam. 
May 5 2007  5 pm
Johnston High School Theater 
1021 Arthur Stiles
Austin Dance India Annual Recital
Austin Dance India presents its students in their annual recital with guest performers Nritya Sangam.
May 12  2007  noon too 4 pm
Multicultural Festival for Youth
Martin Middle School
This annual event in East Austin brings a diverse array of performers to the same stage. From Polynesian to West African and from Mexican Folklorico to Indian, you can see it all here.
July 8  2007  4-8 pm
Master Class and Lecture-Demonstration
Innovation on Tradition by Anuradha Naimpally
Nupur Zankar Academy of Research and Dance
Kandivili E, Mumbai, India
This unique class followed by lecture-demo brings the recent work of Anuradha Naimpally to Indian audiences.

 Fall 2006 
Special Guest:

This past year, Tanjore Performing Arts was honored to have Pandit Venugopal Pillai on his first visit to the United States. Panditji taught workshops and conducted three performances in the Central Texas area.

Pt VJ Pillai hails from a family of musicians and dancers. His paternal grandmother was a dancer in the Tanjavur court. Through royal allainces, the entourage moved to the court of Baroda where his father became a violinist and composer. The young Venugopal studied with his uncle, Kubernath Tanjorekar, who was later the head of the Dance Department at Baroda University. Later, he underwent professional training with Acharya Parvati Kumar of Mumbai.

For over five decades, Pt VJ Pillai has been teaching, choreographing, and composing in the field of dance. He has trained countless professionals, many of whom have their own dance schools and careers. He has undertaken research in the Natya Shastra and other Sanskrit texts and reconstructed a very ancient dance from the temple tradition, Nava Sandhi Kauthukam, utilizing constructs laid down within these books.

He has many accolades to his name, the most illustrious one being the title of 'Pandit' awarded in 2000 by the Government of Maharashtra for his contributions in the field of dance. Along with his wife, Jayashree, Pt VJ Pillai conducts classes in many parts of Mumbai through their school, Tanjavur Nrityashala.

He is making his first trip to the United States this year to conduct several arangetrams, conduct master classes and workshops, and provide nattuvangam for performances. His tour includes Detroit, Seattle, and Austin.

Performances by
Anuradha Naimpally with Pandit Venugopal Pillai conducting (nattuvangam):

September 2006

Sunday, September 10th 2:30 pm Hindu Temple, San Antonio, TX
solo performance with live music following puja for loka shanti (world peace)

Friday, September 15th 8 pm Texas Union Theater, UT, Austin, TX
solo performance with live music

Saturday, September 16th Hindu Temple of Central Texas, Temple, TX
solo performance with live music

Sacred Journey: An Artistic Celebration Crossing Cultural Boundaries

featuring: Anuradha Naimpally, Tucker Livingston, Oliver Rajamani, Nagavalli, Russ Smith
special guests: Deaf Arts Council Choir

This performance is deaf accessible.

A multimedia performance in which sacred Indian dance, American folk
music, gypsy rhythms, haunting pop vocals collide in a world that breaks down
cultural boundaries through art.

Sunday, June 25th 6 pm
One World Theatre
7701 Bee Cave Rd

Tickets: $20 adults, $15 students/seniors/artists
Call: 32-world (512-329-6753) for tickets

  a u s t i n  d a n c e  i n d i a
presents its students in

Dances of India
Artistic Director: Anuradha Naimpally

Dances of India Photo Gallery

t a n j o r e p e r f o r m i n g a r t s
presents its students in

Dances of India
Artistic Director: Anuradha Naimpally

Special guests:

Johnston High School Dancers
Natyalaya School of Dance
Latin Groove Trio

Saturday, May 6th 6 pm
Johnston High School Performing Arts Theater
1012 Arthur Stiles, Austin 78721

All welcome. Free admission.

Poppy Festival

Moving Myths
An Interactive Children's Performance including storytelling, dance, rhythms, and more
featuring Anuradha Naimpally

Sunday, April 30th  1 pm
free. open to all. 
Children's Area
Georgetown Square
Georgetown, TX


Ballet East Multicultural Festival 

Featuring Indian dances by the students of Austin Dance India 

Saturday, May 13th, 1-5 pm
free. open to all. 
Martin Middle School
Austin, TX

Omkaar: Mantra Through Movement
April 2003
Helm Fine Arts Theatre, Austin, TX


Sacred Dances of Love and Devotion
April 2004
One World Theatre, Austin, TX


(by invitation only)
Saturday, August 27th Helm Fine Arts Theatre
Arangetram of Mytrei Sharma
Anuradha presents her student, Mytrei, in a professional debut recital, a ceremony customary upon completing the traditional Bharata Natyam repertoire and achieving a certain standard of performance.

Fall 2005

Sunday, September 11, 2005
4:30 pm
One World Theatre

$20 adults
$12 kids/student/seniors/artists

Tickets & information at
or call 32-WORLD
Sacred Journey
an artistic celebration crossing cultural boundaries

Bharata Natyam dance by Anuradha Naimpally

Live Music by Tucker Livingston, Oliver Rajamani, and Nagavalli Medicharla

Multimedia creations by Russ Smith

Special guests The Deaf Arts Council Choir